Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程
Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程 _AE模板免费下载-微镜映画资源网

Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程 

教程中文名称:Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程
教程英文名称:  Motion Tracking & Object Tracking inside Cinema 4D
使用软件:Cinema 4D
教程时长:2小时6分钟   (共22个视频)
教程大小:  926.4M

本教程将学习“ Matchmoving”(摄像机跟踪和对象跟踪),课程不需要任何Matchmoving基础,通过Cinema 4D反向计算跟踪摄像机的运动轨迹,最终合成三维对象。


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Motion Tracking & Object Tracking inside Cinema 4D: Introduction. In this tutorial series, I will guide you through the discipline of “Matchmoving” (Camera Tracking and Object tracking), from start to finish. This series, doesn’t require ANY previous Matchmoving knowledge or experience, but requires some understanding of the filming process of live action shots. Nothing fancy, just basic stuff. For the viewers that have some experience already, you can skip to the “User interface Overview” video, and continue thereafter to learn the tools and workflow inside Cinema 4D.

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Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程
Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程



Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程
Cinema 4D运动跟踪反求合成视频教程