C4D人物面部绑定视频教程 中文字幕
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教程英文名称:  Cineversity – Face Rig Tutorial
使用软件:Cinema 4D R23
教程时长:1小时23分钟   (共9个视频)
教程大小:  570M

用到Cinema 4D R23的新功能,来对三维人物进行面部绑定,讲解blendshape绑定和关节绑定的不同点,然后利用合适的绑定方式来调整、调节权重等。


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Face Rig Tutorial – Cineversity. In this introduction, you will learn about the contents of this course. The face rig comes with great features and functions. This can be difficult and overwhelming at sometimes. We will first talk about the general differences between blendshape based rigs and joint based rigs. Then we jump right into the rig creation, adjustment and weight paint phases. With the rig completed, we will attach it to a body and learn how to use the pose library to animate. For the animation, I will give you some nice tips, too.

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C4D人物面部绑定视频教程 中文字幕
C4D人物面部绑定视频教程 中文字幕



C4D人物面部绑定视频教程 中文字幕
C4D人物面部绑定视频教程 中文字幕