C4D导入Spark AR软件教程  中文字幕
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C4D导入Spark AR软件教程

教程中文名称:C4D导入Spark AR软件教程
教程英文名称:  Mograph C4D to Spark AR Crash-Course
使用软件:Cinema 4D
教程时长:49分钟   (共4个视频)
教程大小:  326M

本教程讲解在C4D中制作简单的模型动画之后,如何桥接到Spark AR的流程步骤。作者Don将向您展示如何在Cinema 4D中制作基本的动画模型,如何以正确的格式导出模型,将其导入Spark AR,确保正确设置动画和应用纹理,添加环境以及如何发布分享。

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C4D to Spark AR Crash-Course: From Cinema 4D to publishing a filter in Spark AR within 1 hour. Instructed by Don Allen Stevenson III. Presented in 2K Resolution! Don will show you how to take a basic, animated model in Cinema 4D, export it in the correct format, import it into Spark AR, make sure it’s animating and placed correctly, apply a texture, add an environment, and upload for approval. This course is not about the complicated inner-workings of Spark AR, but rather the workflow between programs. It will help kick-start your understanding of the process so you can begin your AR journey. Subsequent mini-courses will cover other various topics in the world of Spark AR.

链接:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1GTJrSpDvxWiVNtvnsQ9gbQ 提取码:c5s9

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C4D导入Spark AR软件教程  中文字幕
C4D导入Spark AR软件教程  中文字幕



C4D导入Spark AR软件教程  中文字幕


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C4D导入Spark AR软件教程  中文字幕