C4D三维场景循环动画渲染教程  中文字幕
C4D三维场景循环动画渲染教程 中文字幕_AE模板免费下载-微镜映画资源网


教程英文名称:  Motion Design School Get into 3D with Lucas Zanotto
使用软件:Cinema 4D
教程时长:4小时1分钟   (共19个视频)
教程大小:  1.16G

在Cinema 4D中制作可爱卡通三维循环场景动画,用到C4D R20进行三维场景的制作和后期AE的合成,该课程侧重于学习3D的基本知识。会向您展示动画效果的全部流程。我们将从头到尾建立六个动力学特征循环动画,并使用Octane进行渲染,我还将与您分享我在3D中工作的方法以及通过尝试和实践获得的学习经验。


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Get into 3D with Lucas Zanotto. Get familiar with Cinema 4D step-by-step, from creating characters from scratch to rendering the final loop and fill your portfolio with cute and eye-catching loops! We will build six kinetic characters from scratch to later model and animate them. After that, we will create perfect and seamless character loops and render them with Octane. They will weave together the right dose of realism and cute design. This mini-project can become your perfect entry into the world of 3D I will also share with you my approach to work in 3D and my experience of learning by trying out and doing. Get familiar with Cinema 4D in no time. Gain insight on working with lighting and materials. Bring almost any 3D figures to life. The best way to create your own cool 3D animation portfolio.

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C4D三维场景循环动画渲染教程  中文字幕
C4D三维场景循环动画渲染教程  中文字幕



C4D三维场景循环动画渲染教程  中文字幕
C4D三维场景循环动画渲染教程  中文字幕