Maya2019材质纹理贴图视频教程  中文字幕
Maya2019材质纹理贴图视频教程 中文字幕_AE模板免费下载-微镜映画资源网


教程英文名称:  Fundamentals UVs Materials and Textures
教程时长:3小时45分钟   (共22个视频)
教程大小:   810M

本套Maya教程讲解Maya 2019中制作3D模型,在Maya进行展UV技巧,Maya制作纹理贴图材质等,Maya 2019自定义修改UV,Maya 2019模型不同类型材质的制作等。


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Continue your learning journey with Maya through this in-depth course focused on UV Mapping, Materials and Texturing in Maya 2019. Here you’ll pick up right where you left off in Maya 2019 Fundamentals: Overview and Modeling and begin defining the look of the drone asset. First, you’ll learn what UVs are and the purpose they serve. Next, you’ll discover how to define a custom UV layout for parts of the asset and how to create and apply surface materials. Finally, you’ll explore how to connect various texture maps to those materials. When you’re finished with all four Maya 2019 Fundamentals courses, you will have a great foundation of Maya knowledge to build on as well as a completed project

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Maya2019材质纹理贴图视频教程  中文字幕
Maya2019材质纹理贴图视频教程  中文字幕



Maya2019材质纹理贴图视频教程  中文字幕
Maya2019材质纹理贴图视频教程  中文字幕