3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程  中文字幕
3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程 中文字幕_AE模板免费下载-微镜映画资源网

3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程

教程中文名称:3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程
教程英文名称:  Freelance Product 3D Animation Masterclass
使用软件:3Ds MAX
教程时长:5小时6分钟   (共54个视频)
教程大小:  2.07G

这门课程是关于照片级逼真的产品渲染技术。制作商业产品三维动画的整个步骤,包括前期概念涉及参考、3DS MAX中动画的制作渲染等,学习如何在白色或黑色背景上正确渲染产品,学习用Vray环境雾,Vray创意照明技术,Vray阳光照明和光影动画技术,使用HDRI进行逼真的室外环境,tyFlow展示产品粒子特效。


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Quick win studio lighting.The three important aspects of every product commercial.How to incorporate storytelling into your product commercials.The importance of REVEALS.Camera angles.Movement.Contrast & Mood.Where I get my music.Spec work (recommendations and warnings).Using stock resources & shortcuts. Headphones studio render with multipass compositing, shallow DOF.Rendering Animations.Chaos Cloud.Vray materials.White on White.Black on Black.Infinite reflective floor.Mesh lights.Sun Lighting.Vray fog.HDRIs.Edge texture for breakdowns.Animating Light reveals.Animating exploded views.tyFlow PhysX Spheres.tyFlow Particle Reveal.Intro to 3D Modeling with 3Ds Max (student requested).Adding “tracked” motion graphics in After Effects.iPhone SE Official Apple Render – Recreation with Vray.How to Avoid Banding in your After Effects exports.How to properly export .mp4 Instagram-ready video from After Effects.

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3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程  中文字幕
3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程  中文字幕



3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程  中文字幕
3Ds MAX VRay商业产品三维动画渲染教程  中文字幕