Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程
Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程_AE模板免费下载-微镜映画资源网

Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程

教程中文名称:Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程
教程英文名称:  FlippedNormals Introduction to Substance Painter
教程格式: mp4,附带工程文件
使用软件:Substance Designer
教程时长:238分钟   (共24个视频)
教程大小:   1.63 GB



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PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: In this Introduction to Substance Painter series, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to get started with Substance Painter. The first part will get your familiar with the commonly used tools, and in the second part, we’ll texture a real-world asset. We also cover essential texture practices, helping you develop a proper workflow you can use to texture anything.

LEARN HARD SURFACE TEXTURING: In the second part, we cover how to paint awesome hard surface textures in Substance Painter, using proven techniques. We carefully build up the different materials step by step, showing everything involved. You’ll also learn what areas to prioritize, showing you what areas are worth spending more time on.

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Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程
Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程



Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程
Substance Painter新手入门基础视频教程