Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程
Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程_AE模板免费下载-微镜映画资源网

Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程

教程中文名称:Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程
教程英文名称:   Introduction to Substance Painter 2020
使用软件:Substance Designer
教程时长:226分钟   (共21个视频)
教程大小:  2.15GB

Introduction to Substance Painter 2020. Substance Painter全面介绍基础教程 Introduction to Substance Painter 2020. Substance Painter 2020是一款标准工业化贴图软件,本教程全面讲解游戏贴图制作的流程,包括软件UI及二面、视窗、材质节点、图层、贴图预设、材质、智能材质、烘焙等多方面知识点。本套SP教程非常适合新人入门,也包括提高进阶项目案例。


Substance Painter游戏贴图绘制全面核心视频教程 中文字幕
Substance Painter次世代材质贴图视频教程   中文字幕
Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程  中文字幕

This comprehensive 3.75-hour workshop details many different types of materials and provides a thorough insight into Chris’s tried-and-tested methodology. Topics covered include the Substance Painter interface, display and viewport features, material layering, Texture Sets and Materials, Smart Materials, Projections, Stencils, Baking, Anchor Points, and how to approach hard surface weathering and detailing using Substance Painter.

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Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程
Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程



Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程
Substance Painter全面基础入门视频教程